"I enjoyed my time with Michael as I visited his office the other day. He is knowledgeable on safaris and honest too about the possibilities and what can really be achieved on a safari. He does not promise heaven and deliver the earth. He will graciously promise you the best he can do and you will get much much more. He also builds upcoming tour operators like me and offers them his bush experience at no charge. A rare gem. "

Date of Posting: 24 October 2012
Posted By: Isaac

"Maina is an much experienced safari driver. I love Masai Mara.We found so many surprise during short safari.The wildebeests happen to crash our jeep in the dark evening on our way to Mara Sopa lodge.Masai Mara gives us a so special greeting.Thanks for Maina,since he is an senior game driver,he has sensitive feeling and sharp eyes.Under his guidance,we have seen big five there.We have seen lion family.We have seen cheetah family.So lovely they are,baby lions and baby cheetah.They are playing around mother.We are so lucky to see the mating of lion and under the sunset.It's so beautiful.And we also see the huge elephants family in amboseli.I think it is the heaven of elephants. Because it is so often to see two or three elephants families walking together on the way.and sometimes,you can see birds standing on the back of the elephants.It seems so lovely and harmonious of the baby elephants and birds and all elephants family together.Sometimes the young elephants are also like to fighting.We have seen the fighting.They fight with the nose and two tusks.So you can see the their ears and tusks are not complete.All in all,it is a so wonderful and impressing safari,u also should have,it is worth.Thanks Maina.

1.In order to make your safari smooth,please always remember to discuss more of safari program with Maina.And double check your safari program face to face when u arrive at Nairobi.So that to make sure there is no misunderstanding between two sides.
2.Keep the communication with Maina during safari,if u find animal or something else amazing and want to have a short stop,just tell him.
3.He know so much animals and birds,so if u have questions,just ask him.U will find u learn so much about animals and birds after safari.
Hope my comments could be some help to all people who is planning to have a safari there."

Date of Posting: 20 October 2012
Posted By: Shirley

"Wonderful safari with Michael, Masai Mara, Lake Nakuru and Samburu, one amazing week."

Date of Posting: 18 October 2012
Posted By: Marianna